Design Office


How can we help ?

Above all, our main mission is to validate the feasibility of the project. Our design office thus draws up a sketch of the project and adapts it, if necessary, to the site, to the budget and to the client’s tastes. This step is essential. It makes it possible to discuss with the client, to clearly target their expectations and to offer them various possible layout options in line with their desires.

Our landscape designer also has the mission of exposing to the client all the possible constraints that could compromise or complicate the realization of the project (unevenness of the ground, passage of residents…). This first task also makes it possible to calculate the technical services in order to establish a provisional budget as precise as possible.

Monte-Carlo Paysages offers ecological landscaping services, both original and personalized. Our landscaping design office therefore offers ambience sketches, a plant palette and a palette of materials to represent the range of possibilities to be explored.
One of the flagship missions of the landscape design office concerns the environmental aspect of the project. Indeed, an eco-responsible design office will aim to make landscaping as environmentally friendly as possible. Various techniques are thus put in place to reduce the environmental impact of landscaping, in order to create a space that is both aesthetic, friendly and positive for biodiversity.

In order to ensure the success of the landscaping project, good communication is essential between the various members of the design office team. Experts (architects, engineers, ecologists, etc.) must work together to offer landscaping suited to land constraints, financial resources, and customer requests.

In addition, it is just as important to ensure regular exchanges between the design office and the teams in the field. Technical documents detailing the construction plan of the project are thus produced by the design office and presented to the project manager. Throughout the project, a follow-up mission is also carried out on site by the professionals of the design office to manage any unforeseen events and resolve any problems encountered in the field.

The Process:

  • 1. Validate feasability of project
  • 2. Expose all possible constraints
  • 3. Offer up design sketches
  • 4. Assure regular check-ups