Automatic Watering

Automatic Watering For Parks and Gardens:

Economical and less restrictive, automatic watering, contrary to popular belief, saves water because its quantity is adapted to the needs of different plantations. The advantage of automatic watering is to control the amount of water supplied according to the nature of the soil, the exposure and the needs of the plants.

The installation of an automatic watering system controlled by a timer allows you to water your garden regularly and frees you from tedious handling of the garden hose.

How to water your garden while limiting your water consumption:

For ecological reasons, we are all well aware that we must be careful with water and its use: whether it is for filling your swimming pool or watering your garden, we need it, especially in summer. .

  • 1. Installation of your automatic watering sysytem
  • 2. Regular watering of your garden
  • 3. Yearly system maintenance check-up

Water is a renewable resource, but not inexhaustible. How can we water our garden without using too much?

Monte-Carlo Paysages advises and supports you in installing your automatic watering system in your garden.

Automatic watering is much more economical and thus allows rational management of water. It only delivers the amount of water needed for all your green spaces. It can have several advantages and its installation must be carried out by a team of professionals to ensure its proper functioning and avoid water leaks.

Monte-Carlo Paysages offers you all its know-how to carry out the work on your garden and thus make your project come to reality.
In addition to the practicality of an underground watering system, this installation also allows significant water savings.

We also offer the maintenance of your automatic watering system, which will be carried out each year during the spring period.

Automatic Watering For Terrace Apartments:

On a terrace, installing automatic watering is necessary and delicate, especially if you plan to go on vacation.
Drip irrigation allows regular irrigation of plants in containers as well as all your other green spaces. There are complete kits and all outdoor faucets are suitable for installation.

Controllers control watering while you are away with their light and humidity sensor for some models.

The drippers are individually adjustable (from 0 to 20 L per hour) in order to adapt to each area of the terrace.

Some models are connected to your smartphone so you can check the humidity of the substrate remotely and trigger watering if necessary!