Concept / Creation


Concept and Creation

To create a garden that reflects your wishes, it is best to call in the experts. As landscapers in garden concepts & creation, Monte-Carlo Paysages is responsible for designing your landscaped gardens. Thanks to our landscape design office, we will help you create a beautiful garden.

Our landscape architects, specialized in the creation of landscaped gardens, carry out a garden design study taking into account the technical constraints of your project (exposure, sunshine, slope of the land, surface area, characteristics of the garden), and your budgetary obligations. To offer you personalized landscaping solutions that they are based on your aesthetic desires. Depending on your preferences and the external environment, it is thus possible to add several plants (palm, strawberry tree, lavender, etc.) or flowers (camellias, peonies, lilacs, etc.).

The process:

Before embarking on any given landscaping project for a garden, terrace or patio, we first design it taking into account the aesthetic, technical and financial principles. This step allows you to visually project your ideas and wishes through drawings, sketches and perspectives. These documents are part of our landscape studies issued by our internal design office. They provide technical assistance to the teams in the field on the day of the installation. And finally, it frames the financial aspect which is essential in these projects, because we are aware that the budget has an impact on many choices.

  • 1.Study of garden concept
  • 2. Personalised Solutions
  • 3.Lancaping process

Whatever the type of outdoor space (company garden, landscaped garden, small garden, city garden, sloping garden, Zen garden, Japanese garden, garden with swimming pool, autumn garden, vertical garden, contemporary garden, vegetable garden, decorative pleasure garden or even design garden), our landscapers in garden concepts will listen to you and support you in your bespoke landscaping project, placing your needs at the heart of our solutions.

To help you create a bespoke garden, our landscape design office will offer you visuals (design of landscaped garden plans, sketches, green space drawings) as well as a palette of personalized plants / materials.

Whether it is a small garden in a private home, the development of a terrace or the rehabilitation of a company’s spaces, the design of all our projects always incorporates our values of respect and development of biodiversity and living things.