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Floral creations, Maintenance, rental-maintenance and rental for your events, Monte-Carlo Paysages offers 4 floral decoration services to green up your interiors. Plant decoration, which has become essential for the layout of workspaces, helps create a positive environment, reduce stress, stimulate creativity and improve air quality. Monte-Carlo Paysages can also help you decorate your workspaces during the Christmas holidays.

Plant decoration refers to the service that makes it possible to decorate the common areas of buildings or businesses with green plants (natural, semi-artificial or artificial).

In the context of professional premises, plant decoration has become an essential part of the layout of workspaces. Like furniture, it must be tailored to enhance the image of the company and promote a positive work environment.

The Process:

  • 1. Concept creation
  • 2. Maintenance
  • 3. Rental - Maintenance
  • 3. The Rental for Events

The Benefits:

Plant Decoration offers, in addition to visual enjoyment, many benefits for employees. She It allows to :

Concept Creation

The environment to be decorated is analyzed and an interior design proposal is provided to the customer. After discussion and validation, the technicians intervene n order to begin its implementation. The service includes pre-project advice, the supply of pots and plants (natural, artificial or semi-artificial), then their planting and installation …


A dedicated technician comes every two weeks to maintain the plant decorations covered by the maintenance contract and performs dusting, watering and replacement of plants if necessary.

Rental - Maintenance

Green plants are made available to the customer (delivery and installation) and maintained every fortnight by a dedicated technician, for the time desired by the customer.

Rental for Events

After evaluation of the customer’s needs, presentation of the plant decoration project and validation of the proposal by the client, the plant decor is delivered and put in place.