Phytosanitary Treatments


Phytosanitary Treatments:

Illnesses, insects and parasites can be harmful to your plants, trees, shrubs … Call a specialist in the maintenance of green spaces and plant protection as soon as possible, so we can  provide you with a solution against these problems and prevent contamination of other plants caused by an untreated specimen.

Monte-Carlo Paysages provides your plants with all the necessary care to keep them in good health, whatever the season. We provide phytosanitary, fungicide, insecticide and antiparasitic treatments, undertaken by our professionals.

The process:

Weeds invading your green spaces, we have phytosanitary approval, which allows us to weed your sites using phytosanitary products or phytopharmaceutical products, also known as “pesticides”, and to provide you with all the advice and recommendations you need. 
We have all the equipment suitable for your phytosanitary treatments (tractor with sprayer, personal protective equipment in accordance with regulations, etc.).

  • 1. Consult
  • 2. Treatment Application
  • 3. Good Health of all Plants

Weeding makes it possible to prevent the proliferation of invasive plants, but also to limit the risk of fires or even reduce the degradation of the supports.

Our team of qualified “plant professionals” can weed all your sites in complete safety, using herbicides and spraying certain phyto products. The products used are adapted according to the plant species present.

Do your plants need preventive or curative phytosanitary treatments?

Monte-Carlo Paysages has undergone enhanced training in phytosanitary treatments and plant protection in order to diagnose the problems of your plants and to acquire  perfect knowledge of the products and their use. We are thus able to carry out these two types of treatment, all whilst respecting the environment and good practices.