Landscape design office in Monaco

Your landscape design office in Monaco

Monte-Carlo Paysages offers original and tailor-made ecological landscaping services in Monaco. Thus, our landscape design office provides ambient sketches, plant palettes and a wide range of materials to explore all the possibilities and current trends with you. One of the most important tasks of the landscaping office concerns the environmental aspects of the project.

Indeed, our ecological design company aims to make landscaping as eco-responsible as possible. Thus, various technologies are used to reduce the environmental impact of landscaping in Monaco in order to create an aesthetic, friendly and biodiversity-friendly space such as a green wall, for example.

Good communication between the various members of the design office team is essential to ensure the success of the landscaping project. Experts (architects, engineers, ecologists, etc.) must work together to propose landscape designs that meet local and regional constraints, financial imperatives and customer needs.


In the end, a technical document detailing the construction plan of the project is drawn up by the design office and given to the project manager. Throughout the work, on-site monitoring by experts from the design firm is also carried out to manage contingencies and solve problems on site.

Work process

  • 1. Validate the feasibility of the project
  • 2. Expose all possible constraints
  • 3. Propose mood sketches
  • 4. Ensure regular communications