Brush Clearing

Brush Clearing

The purpose of brush clearing is to decrease the intensity and limit the spread of fires by reducing plant fuels.
Clearance of land is very useful in order to allow you to enjoy your garden and to develop it as you wish, but it is also an obligation imposed on all land owners. If you need help with brush clearing your exterior, Monte-Carlo Paysages is at your service for brush clearing in Monaco and its surroundings.

The regulations concerning brush clearing may vary depending on your town of residence, however rules common to all must be observed. In fact, it is compulsory to clear brush to a depth of 50 m around installations, constructions and sites as well as 10 m on either side of the roads that give access to them. Likewise, each owner must clear brush 50 m from his home and 10 m on either side of the path leading to it.

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