Green Walls


The Stabilized Green Wall:

These are natural plants (flowers, foliage.) whose sap has been replaced by a 100% ecological formula made of  vegetable glycerin. The different processes, which vary according to the type of plant  to be stabilized, allow it to freeze in its optimal state of freshness. This innovative and ecological method therefore makes it possible to take advantage of natural plants, with a preserved appearance, without encountering the constraints of watering, sunshine, parasitology linked to the traditional cultivation of natural plants. The various stabilization processes (immersion, spraying, capillarity.) are the subject of incessant research and innovation, the democratization of these plants and green walls is indisputable and is part of a solution for the future.

The strengths of a stabilized green wall:

We define your needs with you

During this first meeting, we define the key points of the project. We make a complete “list” of your expectations, your desires as well as a list of the characteristics of the site.

We send you a full quote

Once the landscaping study has been completed, we will send you a proposal with all the elements implemented for your project as well as their characteristics.

We start the work

After validation of the proposal, it’s time for the project to materialize. Our teams start to work in order to carry out your  project in accordance with the rules of the art.

We maintain and guarantee

All our plants are supplied with their phytosanitary passport which guarantees their good health. The same applies to materials, which are subject to guarantees in accordance with legal provisions.

The Exterior Green Wall

More and more individuals want to install a green wall on the exterior facade of their house. However, the installation of an exterior green wall and the choice of plants to use are a demonstration of the skills of a professional landscaper. So, for the creation of an ecological garden, think of Monte-Carlo Paysages.  Call on our team of specialists to install a green wall in Monaco and its surroundings.

A green wall can dramatically change the look of your garden. In addition to its original and natural appearance, it also provides many ecological, health and psychological advantages.

It makes it possible to:

On the one hand, the plants are placed and rooted in an unalterable horticultural layer. The tablecloth is then attached to a rot-proof wooden or stainless steel frame fixed to the wall. The plants are nourished by the propagation of a fertilizer solution throughout the installation.
In addition, watering can be done manually or automatically. Indeed, to get rid of the obligation to water, a programmed irrigation system can be installed behind the frame to keep the plants alive. The water table will retain some of the water and the excess will be collected at the bottom of the wall to be taken up later in the case of a closed circuit. If it is an open circuit, the excess will be drained directly.

The choice of plants depends above all on the climate of the region, as well as the exposure of the wall to different climatic elements (sun rays, rain, frost, etc.). In addition, plants must be able to adapt to their vertical growth, as in the case of plants that live on trees or on rocks. There are many plants that can adapt to this condition:

The assembly of a green wall requires a certain know-how and technique. Indeed, if the structure is not properly designed and put in place, the green wall can be unreliable and deteriorate quickly. Thus, to avoid any bad results, it is essential to seek the services of a qualified and experienced landscaper for the installation.