Creation of an aromatic garden for Le Méridien Beach Plaza in Monaco

Creation of an aromatic space for Le Méridien Beach Plaza in Monaco

Le Méridien Beach Plaza of Monaco wished to change an unattractive patch of greenery into an aromatic space combining the useful with the pleasant, in line with its ambition to offer an outdoor space worthy of the greatest venues!

Le Méridien Beach Plaza called upon Monte-Carlo Paysages because we offer all the necessary services of custom-made creation, this demanding task in such a prestigious location requiring expert landscapers. Given the establishment’s VIP clientele, their expectations are nothing less than pure perfection.

The prestigious history of this venue and its international standing made this project a major challenge. Moreover, this new space had to be as beautiful as it was practical. In an aromatic space, the plants had to be accessible to Le Meridien’s employees, especially when used daily in the restaurant business.

Challenges & Solutions

With over 15 years of experience in creating gardens and green spaces, we guarantee you diligent and quality work, while meeting all your requested deadlines.

Our experience is an important asset for this type of meticulous project where attention to detail is paramount. Our teams are accustomed to this type of challenge and we know how to best meet the expectations of our most demanding clients.

From plants selection to their placement and spacing, to the elaboration of a mineral path to facilitate access and natural flow of visitors, Monte-Carlo Paysage has carefully thought of every detail. The plants’ layout was designed to stimulate all the senses, be it pleasure from the eye with a choice of particularly harmonious pastel colors, or smell and touch by playing on the olfactory qualities of the plants as well as their textures.

The design of the stone pathway that winds through the aromatic plants allows for quick and easy access for the teams as well as for clients wishing to experience a multi-sensory journey that combines visual pleasure with the sweetness of Mediterranean scents.

Thanks to its know-how, Monte-Carlo Paysages offers a service that truly meets your needs and budget. We also provide personalized practical caring advice in order to prevent your plants and green spaces from deteriorating.

Le Méridien Beach Plaza trusted us for the creation of this aromatic space, we let you appreciate the impeccable rendering of the work done by our teams, a stunning result according to various feedback from the hotel’s regulars.