Installation of an outdoor terrace in Eze

Installation of an outdoor terrace in Eze

Having a beautiful outdoor space is one thing, but having the outdoor space of your dreams is even better! Monte-Carlo Paysages offers you the services of a custom-made terrace creation.

This type of arrangement on an existing terrace is a long and meticulous work requiring the intervention of experts in landscaping with the necessary knowledge to avoid bad surprises.

With an unobstructed sea view, this customer wished for an outdoor living space enhancing his home and also his view.

Indeed, a terrace is a frame enhancing the work of art that is the location’s surroundings. For this project, the terrace was intended to allow our client to contemplate the ultimate work of art which is none other than Mother Nature!

For this client, we had to set up and secure the site, prepare the ground, create the earthwork and the riprap, integrate the automatic watering system and proceed with the complete creation of a garden according to the plans of a landscape architect, including the planting of trees and various plants.

Starting from rough and rocky ground, this project extended over 4 months, a titanic challenge for this villa in Eze.

Thanks to the know-how of Monte-Carlo Paysages, you can count on a service that really meets your needs and your budget. We can also provide you with personalized practical advice for the maintenance of your plants in order to prevent your green space from deteriorating over time.

Of course, the budget of the operation is another important parameter to take into consideration. This is why Monte-Carlo Paysages is committed to providing the best service in line with your expectations and your budget. We remain at your service for the maintenance of your green space in Monaco and its surroundings. We also intervene very quickly – and free of charge! – to make the best diagnosis.


Challenges & Solutions

Such a project requires professional skills in various fields, impeccable know-how, and extensive experience. We offer conscientious and quality work in the field of deck design and maintenance, for more than 15 years, and always on time. We offer you a regular or yearly maintenance contract depending on your requirements, the condition of your outdoor space, and your budget.

Our landscape design office provide you with visuals of the design of landscape garden plans and green spaces, as well as a palette of plants and personalized materials best suited to your vision and your needs.

Having at heart unfettered respect for biodiversity and the promotion of local species, we have vegetated this space with endemic plants and trees, such as this magnificent hundred-year-old olive tree.

Our role goes beyond simple execution, and we can advise you on the creation of a green wall or beautiful floral decorations for your terrace. Our highly qualified and experienced team will not fail to give you satisfaction. We will know how to take care of your outdoor spaces while bringing you personalized advice to maintain them daily. We also intervene quickly and freely to make the best diagnosis.